Close protection service


G.S.P provides the service that protects not only the clients themselves but also their assets.


Our belief is that the best VIP protection security comes from

advanced preparation and planning,

understanding of the background and needs of the clients.

We create and suggest the best security plans for a client.  


G.S.P VIP protection agents rapidly protects clients from sudden threats in any situation with well-trained skills and rapid responses. Our close protection agents includes former police officers and experienced well-trained security guards. G.S.P agents receive good reputations from the clients since we not only provide the protection services but also has hospitality and good business manners in order to  adapt well in any situations.


We consider the clients reputations from their fans and mass media seriously and provides the service.  


 It is possible to provide our agents to overseas. We have agents who can correspond in English and in Chinese. Please contact us for more details.


VIP close protection service


High-profile close protection service


Low-profile close protection service


Protection record

Elizabeth Olsen

● Tom Hanks 

 Johnny Depp

Tom Cruise

● Will Smith

● Harrison Ford

George Clooney

● Matt Damon

● Sam Heughan

Meryl Streep

 Miranda Car

George Miller

Hugh Jackman  

Keanu Reeves

Paul Rudd

Lily James

Emilia Clark

Pharrell William

Jang Keun Suk

Kim Hyung Jun

Jerry Yen

Tom Yoke

Daisy Ridley

Adam Driver

Pharrell Williams

John Boi Ega

Brit Robertson

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Director Brad Bird


Rahee Cassidy

George Miller Director

Domestic Idol Group


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